Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Welcome to the Shomer Shabbos Medicine network!

We maintain a national database of trainees (interns, residents, fellows, and students) who have worked with their respective programs to make their training years as Shabbos-friendly as possible - from fully Shomer-Shabbos residencies to various Shabbos accommodations.

The database, with over 200 strong and counting, has already been invaluable for scores of medical students researching their options for Shomer Shabbos and Shabbos-friendly training.  

For privacy purposes, the database is a closed community, and only those who have joined the database have access to its contents. (There are options for maintaining anonymity, of course.)

Please join by filling out a 5 minute survey here: Shomer Shabbos SurveyPlease send us an email when you’ve filled out the survey.

We also maintain a Google group to provide a place for questions and sharing of ideas.

Looking forward to having you on board! Please feel free to share this site with anyone else who may be interested!


The Shomer Shabbos Medicine Team