Sunday, February 19, 2017

Other helpful links for those pursuing Shabbos accommodations in training:

The Shomer Shabbos Programs Master List functions as a clearinghouse for Shomer Shabbos residency information. It can be found at, and is intended to collect information on specific programs and their attitudes toward Shabbos accommodation.* Please check out that site, and contribute as possible after interviewing.

Dr. Daniel Eisenberg has a thorough and informative website which can be found at He provides a detailed discussion of the needs of shomer Shabbos residents, some of the halachic aspects, and tips for preparation for interviewing with prospective programs.

* Some people have asked how our Database differs from the Master List. The List collects information from applicants after their interviews, and provides a sense of the attitude toward possible Shabbos accommodations, whether or not they've actually had any residents go through their program. As such, the List has a larger and broader range of programs. Our Database focuses on programs who have already had a Shabbos-observant resident, and tries to provide contact information for those trainees. The two resources are complementary and not completely overlapping - so please remember to contribute to both when appropriate!